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Ione can offer bespoke support to your head of maths and CPD focused on the needs of your department. As a provider of CPD to the NCETM standard she ensures that each session is effective and moves teaching forward. She is an accredited NCETM PD Lead for primary, secondary and Advanced (post-16) mathematics linking pedagogy innovations to the 2014 curriculum.

Recent work has included

  • A five day course for middle school teachers to convert to secondary teaching.
  • NCETM project on developing Multiplicative Reasoning at KS3.
  • CPD with department teams on strategies to raise GCSE grades.
  • Workshop and half day sessions introducing the Singapore bar model to represent problems for primary and secondary.
  • Focused group sessions on developing a five year secondary curriuclum.
  • A four session course on developing fluency and extending more able students in year 6.
  • Working with a cluster of primary schools in Portsmouth to support every teacher in being a maths teacher.


We can offer

  • Free 2 hour consultation to decide on agreed support focus for your school
  • CPD focused specifically on the needs of your teachers
  • CPD focused around algebraic fluency and effective questioning
  • CPD focused on developing arithmetic proficiency for all age groups
  • click here for list of current courses


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