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System Change and Transformation; Raising Standards; Student Engagement, School Improvement and Effectiveness; School Design; Partnership Working, school to school support; supporting collaboration; approaches to Learning; Leadership at all levels; Innovation; I.C.T. in Education; Futures Thinking; Challenging and Coaching School Leaders; 21st Century Learning

Teaching Schools 

  • Creating capacity, exploring capability and assuring commitment to your teaching school -
  • Embedding buy in for and engagement within your teaching school alliance 


Schools can do anything but not everything: Helping schools to make the most of the resources and choices they have.


Maths Specific Courses

  • Cross School Numeracy
  • Creative curriculum design
  • A multi-representational approach to teaching algebra
  • Problem Solving in Mathematics
  • Effective Questioning and/or Assessment for Learning
  • an introduction to using the SIngapore bar approach to give structure to problem solving

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