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David is a nationally and internationally recognised leader in school transformation, partnership and change. His proven yet innovative ideas derive from his own headships and engagement with many other outstanding school leaders through his leadership of the Leading Edge and RATL programmes. David was recently the strategic lead for the establishment of a major program in Nashville for MNPS (Metro Nashville Public Schools) linking school self review, external school review and including school partnership networks. Channel 5 news.

Click here to see a video of David speaking with a group of Australian Principals visiting London October 2012

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Ione works with schools, departments and teams developing mathematics in schools. She is an associate of the National Centre for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics, recognised as a provider of CPD that meets the NCETM CPD standard and an accredited PD lead for both primary and secondary mathematics. Ione is also a consultant with MyScience and enjoys working on cross-curricular projects.She is currently being accredited as a Level 3 PD lead to complement her other skill areas.

Ione runs workshops at conferences, key interest areas are developing fluency, problem solving, use of multiple representations and making links in mathematics.


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